Why Run? There are as many reasons as there are runners. Reasons everyone can understand, reasons no one understands. At True Runner, we celebrate the reasons and the runners. So we asked the question. These store associates answered. Stop in to share your reason with us.

Mark F.Store Manager

I run to explore! I can feel like a kid again when I am running.

Alicia C.Store Associate

I run to stay fit.

Rafael M.Store Associate

I run to get some alone time along the water.

DanStore Associate

Why I run? That's easy: because I enjoy it. Group or solo, it's my thing.

AmyStore Associate

I run because it's cheaper than therapy.

Erin J.Store Associate

I run for stress relief and an enjoyable version of exercise.

Mike BAssistant Manager

I run to stay fit and to be apart of a community that can challenge me day after day.