It’s one of the most important steps before you purchase new running shoes. Help prevent injury by getting fit for the proper shoe based on how your feet function and your body’s running mechanics.


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    True Runner Shadyside is more than a running store. We are a gathering place for all Pittsburgh running enthusiasts. Visit the True Runner Zone inside the store for information on the best running groups, meet-ups and routes in Pittsburgh. If you want to start a run from our store, we have lockers and a hydration station available to get your workout off to the right start.


Dave G.

Store Manager

Ian S.

Sales Manager

Kelly B.

Danielle L.

Sarah O.

Dave G. Store Manager

Dave started running in 8th grade, doing the 800m, 1600m, and high jump among other track events. He enjoys running for the exercise, not the competition, and the feeling of mental escape and being untethered when he runs. Dave enjoys the social aspect of group runs, as well as the mental aspect of running alone. He's a "naked" runner, leaving gadgets and music behind to focus on the joy of the run alone. Dave averages 20 to 25 miles a week, and his "perfect run" is a solo, early morning run in 72 degree rain. His go-to gear: Balega socks, which keep his feet comfortable and dry even on wet runs. He's done the Cleveland Half-Marathon twice as well as the 5k there, and he's currently training for the Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon in May, and looking forward to experiencing the motivation of the Pittsburgh crowd cheering as he runs.

Ian S. Sales Manager

While playing other sports, Ian noticed that he was fast, so decided to compete in cross country and track. He averages about 30-50 miles per week and up to 70 or even more if he is training for a marathon. Between competing in track, cross country and other marathons, he’s lost count of the number of races he's participated in over the years. In high school, Ian medaled at the PIAA State Meet and was ranked 3rd overall in the WPIAL. His college running career at Virginia Tech was ended after he suffered a torn meniscus, but he didn’t let that stop him: he still competes regularly and is working to regain his speed. He hopes to reach his goal of finishing a marathon in 2:30:00. Ian runs in Brooks and Adidas shoes.

Kelly B.

Kelly is a natural-born competitor and ran for her school’s track team all through high school and college. Now, she enjoys road running, usually fitting in around 10-20 miles per week. Kelly is a pentathlete, so she regularly mixes her running with lifting, hills and track work. She sticks closely to her track roots, competing in open events around the city. In 2011, she claimed the PSAC Pentathlon title for Slippery Rock University. She has suffered a dislocated knee cap, but she doesn’t let injury stop her. Kelly is used to competing in multiple events, so she doesn’t dwell on bad days, staying confident and looking to the next event. She hopes to compete in some triathlons and has an interest in getting into trail running. She coaches track and loves all things Nike.

Danielle L.

An avid softball player in high school and college, Danielle took up running two and a half years ago as a means to stay competitive and in-shape. Now, she’s a dedicated trail runner, competing in races nearly every weekend, and averaging 40-60 miles per week. She usually wins her age group and has also won 5 races outright. One of her best memories is coming in second in her age group in the Irish Sprint 10K in Virginia, a race that gets you a golden ticket to the Marine Corp Marathon. Danielle once finished a race after getting severe blisters less than halfway through, and she doesn’t let bad races get her down, always keeping things in perspective and knowing that there is always another race after a bad one. Already a qualifier for the Boston Marathon, she hopes to re-qualify and also finish a 50 miler. Danielle enjoys Mizuno and Saucony shoes and will not run a race without her Road ID.

Sarah O.

Sarah graduated from Slippery Rock University with a degree in exercise science and gerontology. She ran all four years on the SRU cross country team. She is a certified ACSM health fitness specialist personal trainer. She has been the head coach of the Seton La Salle varsity boys and girls cross country team for the past 3 years.

Sarah has completed numerous races over the years. She is a multiple time Boston Marathon qualifier and participant.