It’s one of the most important steps before you purchase new running shoes. Help prevent injury by getting fit for the proper shoe based on how your feet function and your body’s running mechanics.


    Discover the sports bra that delivers ultimate comfort and support. Our fitting process will help you find the bra that best works with your unique body.


    True Runner Shadyside is more than a running store. We are a gathering place for all Pittsburgh running enthusiasts. Visit the True Runner Zone inside the store for information on the best running groups, meet-ups and routes in Pittsburgh. If you want to start a run from our store, we have lockers and a hydration station available to get your workout off to the right start.

Why Run? There are as many reasons as there are runners. Reasons everyone can understand, reasons no one understands. At True Runner, we celebrate the reasons and the runners. So we asked the question. These store associates answered. Stop in to share your reason with us.

Samantha Y.Store Associate

I run because it keeps me sane and I always feel better after a good run.

David G.Store Manager

I run to maintain balance and sanity in life. I can prove to myself that anything is possible when I am running.

Colt M.Store Associate

I run to connect with my running group or to clear my head.

Ellie L.Store Associate

I run to balance my internal state with the flow of the external world.

Emily F.Store Associate

I run because I love it. Running is my freedom and my happiness.

Danielle G.Assistant Manager

I started running to stay in shape, now I do it because it makes me happy.

Laura H.Store Associate

I run to test my limits and because I am addicted to the endorphins.