1507 S Brentwood Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63144

(314) 961-5200

Store Manager:

Jenny Jowdy


M-F: 10am-9pm

Saturday, December 31: 8am-4pm

Sunday, January 1: 11am - 6pm


At True Runner Brentwood, our mission is to support, inspire and celebrate our local running community.

More than just a running store, we have the resources for all of your running needs. Whether you’re just starting a running program or training for a marathon, we can help.

Plan to spend some time with our fitting experts to identify the best running shoes for you. We measure your feet, assess your arch and analyze your gait cycle to give you an individualized recommendation.

Find out about the latest races and running groups in the St. Louis area by viewing local Brentwood running events. Take part in our fun runs and meet other passionate runners at your level.

Browse our extensive collection of running gear from the top brands in the market. We carry the latest running apparel, accessories and technology so you are best equipped the next time you hit the pavement.

Get more out of your shopping experience at True Runner Brentwood.



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